Look around, design is everywhere—on your morning  Starbucks coffee , the wrapper your fast food came in, to the icon you see on the app used when ordering your Lyft. Merging creativity, strategy,  while communicating your brand, design is just about everywhere you look—and it matters. When done well, a printed piece promotes sales, helps motivate potential customers and is an important factor in support of your brand.


Business Card Design:

We have all had the experience of being handed a really poorly designed business card. Small type that’s hard to read, colors that clash, not sure what the business is all about.

It immediately gives out a negative impression of that company and places a seed of doubt in our head. Pelican Design Group can make your business card something to remember and stand out from the crowd.

Brochure Design:

While it is often overlooked with the current trend for online digital marketing, there is still no better marketing tool than a well-designed brochure.

Your target audience still loves to browse through a visually stimulating printed brochure that they can touch, put down, and refer back to time after time.

Postcard / Flyer Design:

The way to really define a successful businesses marketing plan is how it embraces not only a company’s online presence but also their traditional marketing strategies as well.

Flyers, postcards, direct mailers, rack cards etc., all generate superb results. Especially is designed by an experienced professional, like the ones we have here at Pelican Design Group.

Advertisement Design:

A well-designed Ad can truly stimulate and motivate potential customers in ways no other media can.

Pelican Design Group has created a wide variety of print ads spanning many market types, in both national and local publications. If your marketing plan is calling for an attention-grabbing, professionally designed print ad…we are the experienced design company for the job.


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