Is Your Website Turning Customers Away?

Is Your Website Turning Customers Away?

Listen, I get it.

As a busy business owner or marketing manager, you have a million things demanding your attention and budgets are tight. Updating your website often slides down the priority list.

But you’re scanning this article because something hasn’t been feeling quite right. Fewer prospects are converting to sales lately. Maybe your online reviews have taken a nosedive. Or new competitors are eating your lunch.

Here’s the hard truth: Your outdated website might be the problem.

I realize that’s tough medicine to swallow. Most entrepreneurs don’t kick off their ventures to need to refresh their site design every couple of years. Unfortunately, failing to give your website some regular TLC can quietly drive away prospects and prevent new loyal customers from discovering you.

Don’t panic though! I’ve helped dozens of small business owners transform outdated websites from repelling visitors to magnetically attracting a surge of ideal prospects who convert. In this post, I want to walk through five symptoms of a website turning customers away, and how a website refresh solves them.

Think of it as a candid website health assessment. Be honest as you scan these symptoms – ignoring them won’t make things better! But the good news is they are all treatable conditions with the right web design prescription. Let’s check your site’s vitals…

Symptom 1 – Poor Mobile Responsiveness

If your site looks terribly awkward or dated on smartphones, welcome to the 21st century my friend! Mobile internet usage now accounts for more than half of total traffic. And the large majority of smartphone users instantly leave sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Without a mobile responsive design precisely tailored for thumb use, your site literally can’t serve most prospective customers today. Just a few tweaks often cure sluggish mobile load times, inconvenient scrolling, squeezed images, tiny buttons, and the inability to easily complete forms or purchases. The patient’s prognosis looks good!

Symptom 2 – Weak Calls to Action

Think of your website as one side of a conversation trying to connect with the ideal customers you most want to serve. Clear calls to action are how you direct their next move. But way too many business sites suffer from poor CTAs!

Symptoms include vague CTAs like “Learn More” instead of clarifying the actual next step like “Start Free Trial”. Or inconsistent styling and placement will cause uncertainty too. Without prominent user-friendly CTAs strategically located, you leave visitors confused about how to proceed. And as they say, when you are confused…you lose.

Updating call-to-action placement, design, and messaging is often an instant cure to boost conversions!

Symptom 3 – Lifeless Text and Images

In the online world, you have just seconds to grab attention before prospects turn elsewhere. Unfortunately, most older website designs suffer terminal plainness and boredom once the rush of launching fades.

Symptoms include dense blocks of unsliced text, questionable 1990s-era clipart, dreary stock photos, and logos badly in need of rejuvenation. Like any first impression, appearances matter! Because no one wants to poke around an ugly site or strain to read unbroken walls of font. A facelift to implement whitespace, high-resolution photography, infographics, illustrations, playful fonts, and videos breathes life back into bland sites – captivating customers once again!

Symptom 4 – Slow Load Times

Wondering if glacially slow load times could explain that dropoff sticking point where most visitors abandon your site? Welcome to the club! Google found that 53% of mobile users will leave a page that takes over 3 seconds to load. And conversion rates plummet as load times increase.

The culprit is often low-quality hosting, unoptimized images, and videos, outdated site builders piled with resource-hogging bloatware, or failing to leverage efficient next-gen web technologies. The cure? Migration to a cloud hosting optimized for speed, implementing image compression, switching site builders, or rebuilding on a modern containerized Jamstack architecture.

Symptom 5 – Aged Design Elements

Let’s face facts…design trends don’t age like fine wine. Colors, layouts, fonts, and other elements eventually appear dated if you don’t refresh them. Think of how geocities-era web design compares to today’s expectations.

Outward symptoms include boxy layouts with awkward flows, fixed width containers unsuited for widescreens, default system fonts like Arial instead of thoughtfully selected font pairings, overused gradient effects, clashing disjointed color schemes, and spammy vibes.

Even if the content remains sound, outdated design aesthetics subconsciously erode visitor trust and credibility. But take heart, bridging outdated aesthetics with contemporary design trends can take years off a site!

The Prognosis

I hope walking through common website health conditions and side effects gives you the confidence to book a design examination! Ignoring the problem only accelerates site deterioration, while a single facelift intervention attracts and converts customers back on track.

Now if only it was as easy to roll back the clock on our actual appearances right? Thank goodness refreshing your website every few years at least keeps it looking perpetually youthful compared to us humans!

The Bottom Line I hope this website health checkup helps you diagnose what subtle issues may be holding your site back from attracting and wowing customers. But if you find the problems too complex, don’t go it alone.

At Pelican Design Group, we specialize in web and graphic design refinements tailored specifically for helping small businesses regain their competitive edge and convert more traffic. Our award-winning designers will conduct a comprehensive design examination of your site, make thoughtful recommendations to optimize conversions and walk you through bringing your web presence back to life – without breaking budgets.

We craft sites visitors love using, and that continually yield results for our clients’ bottom lines. To learn more about our rejuvenation strategies or schedule your no-strings-attached design consultation, visit We’re always happy to discuss the health of your website and business!

How AI is Enhancing, Not Replacing, Human Creativity

How AI is Enhancing, Not Replacing, Human Creativity

Today, we’re diving deep into the enchanting world of design, where the magic of artificial intelligence meets the warmth of human creativity. At Pelican Design Group, we believe in the power of imagination, and we’re here to tell you how AI is revolutionizing our design process without taking away the essence of what makes us human.

Embracing the Assistance of AI Design

In our sunny corner of Destin, where the Gulf breeze meets the shore, we’re witnessing a creative revolution. Artificial intelligence has stepped into our lives, offering us a helping hand in the design realm. AI isn’t a threat; it’s a collaborator, enhancing our designs and making them shine brighter.

AI: The Ultimate Design Sidekick

Here at Pelican Design Group, we see AI as our ultimate sidekick, not a replacement. Imagine having a trusty assistant that can process data, analyze trends, and generate design concepts in the blink of an eye. That’s what AI does for us. It helps us streamline our creative process, allowing us to focus on what we do best: infusing designs with the heart and soul of Destin’s vibrant community.

AI Assisting in Design

Generative Brilliance

Generative design, one of AI’s most magical abilities, is like having a genie in a lamp. With a rub (or in this case, a click), generative algorithms create endless design possibilities. Whether it’s crafting a logo inspired by our emerald waters or designing a website reflecting the spirit of our local businesses, generative design paints a canvas of endless creativity. It’s not about replacing our ideas; it’s about expanding them.

The Human Touch and Local Expertise

Destin isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling, a community, a way of life. AI might be brilliant, but it lacks that local touch, the knowledge of what makes our town unique. That’s where we, the local designers, come in. We know the colors, the vibes, and the heartbeat of Destin. We infuse our designs with this intimate knowledge, creating visuals that resonate deeply with our fellow locals and captivate the hearts of visitors.

A Partnership with AI

As we sail into the future, hand in hand with AI, we’re excited about the possibilities. Our partnership with artificial intelligence isn’t just about creating beautiful designs; it’s about shaping our digital landscape. By leveraging the power of AI, we’re not just streamlining our design process; we’re also contributing to the growth of our local businesses, helping them shine online and attract visitors from all around.

So let’s celebrate this beautiful fusion of technology and creativity. AI isn’t here to replace us; it’s here to elevate us. Together, with the brilliance of AI and the warmth of our local expertise, we’re designing dreams, one pixel at a time. Whether you’re a local business owner or a visitor enchanted by our town, Pelican Design Group is here to make your design dreams come true, infused with the magic that makes Destin, Florida, truly special.

Come visit us at Pelican Design Group, where creativity meets technology, and let’s design something extraordinary, right here in the heart of Destin!


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Boost Your Brand on Social Media with Visual Content

Boost Your Brand on Social Media with Visual Content

Social media is an important tool for businesses looking to make mindfulness, connect with guests, and drive growth. But with so much noise and clutter out there, how can you make your brand stand out?

The answer is visual content. Social media platforms are getting decreasingly visual, with posts containing images generating further engagement across the board. Using compelling images, videos, and other illustrations in your social strategy is crucial for attracting attention and showcasing your brand personality.

At Pelican Design Group, we specialize in creating eye-catching visual content that helps our clients boost their brand and connect with their followers and potential future clients. These are some of our top tips for success.

Focus on High-Quality Imagery:

Quality matters on social media. Invest time into creating and participating in top-notch visual content like photos, graphics, and infographics that align with your brand style and can reverberate with readers. Avoid pixelated, dilettantish images that can cheapen your brand.

Tell a Story:

The most important posts and more often tell a story. Use images and videos to give followers a “ glimpse behind the curtain ” into your brand, culture, products, and your business story. Offer value and engage people beyond a deal pitch.

Consistency is Crucial:

Maintain harmonious branding across platforms with illustrations using on-brand colors, sources, and styles. This helps followers instantly identify and recognize your content. Promote cohesion with harmonious post schedules and content formats too.

Optimize for Each Platform:

Develop visual content for each platform. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and such platforms use a variety of different formats and image sizes. Learn ideal image sizes and formats, hashtags, and captions for each channel.

Visual content is a vital part of succeeding in social moments. Let Pelican Design Group craft your posts, videos, and images that tell your unique brand story. communicate with us to boost your visual social presence!

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Discover the Power of a Great Logo Design

Discover the Power of a Great Logo Design

Have you ever underestimated the impact of a well-crafted logo design? Think again. A logo is much more than a visually appealing image or a random combination of colors and shapes. It is the face of your brand, the symbol of recognition that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. A professionally designed logo has the potential to transform your brand and drive its success to new heights.

Let’s explore how a great logo design can truly elevate your brand:

1. Establishes Unforgettable Recognition

A strong and memorable logo is the key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. It creates a distinctive visual identity that sets your brand apart from the competition. By ensuring easy recognition and recall, your logo becomes the beacon that guides customers toward your business.

2. Builds Trust and Credibility

Investing in a professionally designed logo demonstrates your commitment to your business and attention to detail. It establishes trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience. A well-crafted logo shows that you mean business, and customers are more likely to choose a brand they can trust.

3. Conveys Your Brand’s Essence

Your logo speaks volumes about your brand’s personality, values, and mission. It is a powerful visual tool that communicates your professionalism, creativity, innovation, reliability, or any other attributes that make your brand unique. Without uttering a word, your logo tells your brand’s story.

4. Sets You Apart from the Competition

In a fiercely competitive market, differentiation is key. A remarkable logo design helps you stand out from the crowd, capturing attention and sparking curiosity. A distinctive logo makes potential customers take notice and consider your brand over others.

5. Fosters Brand Loyalty

A well-crafted logo creates an emotional connection with your audience. It evokes positive feelings and builds brand loyalty. When customers connect with your logo, they develop a strong affinity for your brand and become loyal advocates who keep coming back for more.

6. Ensures Consistency Across All Platforms

Your logo serves as the foundation for your brand’s visual identity. It sets the tone for your website, packaging, marketing materials, and more. A cohesive and consistent logo design ensures that your brand maintains a professional and unified look across all platforms.

Investing in a professional logo design is not merely an expense; it is a strategic investment that yields long-term benefits. Don’t settle for a mediocre logo when you can have an exceptional one that truly represents your brand and propels your business forward.

At Pelican Design Group, we understand the profound impact of a great logo design. With over 30 years of design experience, we are the experts in creating impactful and memorable logos that elevate your brand. Let us help you craft a logo that speaks volumes about your business.

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Why should I hire a professional web designer when I can do it myself for FREE…right?

Why should I hire a professional web designer when I can do it myself for FREE…right?

Seems like I hear this question being asked a lot these days.
With all the free website builders (Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc. – and by the way – they ARE NOTE FREE! ) offered online you can build your site in an hour…heck, even minutes! Have you ever wondered why people still opt to hire a web designer?

If you decide to design your own website there are limitations, very important and glaring limitations. When you have a professional, experienced web designer working on your website they can design your site to be more user-friendly, help make it search engine friendly, and how to make it load faster for your web visitors, and so much more.

Any business that wishes to be competitive in the business world must have a professional website. The internet has become the first place prospective clients go to first to research you and your competitor’s business. If your businesses do not have a professionally created website you risk losing potential customers. Consumers these days are evaluating products and companies online long before they decide to make a purchase, and if your website does not seem professional or secure, they will simply move on to your competitor.

When you hire a professional web agency you know that your site will be created to suit your business. Not all businesses are meant to use the “ one-size-fits-all” mentality of template-based website builders, aka. Squarespace, Wix, Godaddy, etc.

An experienced web designer will evaluate your specific business and products, and work with you towards creating a customized online experience to fit your business along with your customer’s needs.  There are many factors that need to be decided before even starting the building process, such as:

Will your website be used to generate online sales?
Will it be used to drive foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar establishment?
Will it be strictly a site for informational purposes only?

DIY site builders have limits when it comes to actual design options as well where a professional web designer’s hands are not tied when designing your site. And trust me hiring a professional web designer will save you a lot of your valuable time and hair-pulling frustration.

Building a site is so much more involved than just dropping and dragging a pretty photo and bolding up some text while deciding which shade of blue it should be.  A professional designer is not only skilled in design but has to be experienced and current with the many web building design and coding elements that you probably are not familiar with are expected to know about such as:

HTML – CSS –  JavaScript
Image Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Headline Tags
Meta tagging
Long Tail Searches
Keyword Optimization
and so much more.

With the incredible competition out there for getting your website seen and visible to the right people who will ultimately become your customers or clients, having your site designed right will be one you the best and most important business decisions you will make.

In the long run…your FREE website which you pay a monthly fee for as long as the site is live on the internet, and the one you spent many hair-pulling, frustrating hours over, will end up costing you more than hiring a professional designer from the beginning.

Don’t be fooled by the bombardment of DIY -Do-it-in-an-Hour FREE website builder ads out there. Your business is too important for that. And remember for the price of a one-time full-page ad in a printed publication you can have a 24/7 marketing machine working for your business.

Let the professional web design specialists at Pelican Design Group work at creating a website that is created for your specific business. We are the Emerald Coasts Web and Graphic Design Specialists since 2007, with over 30 years of design experience to back it up!

Give us a call at 850.502.4330 or drop us a line at [email protected].

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