Social media is an important tool for businesses looking to make mindfulness, connect with guests, and drive growth. But with so much noise and clutter out there, how can you make your brand stand out?

The answer is visual content. Social media platforms are getting decreasingly visual, with posts containing images generating further engagement across the board. Using compelling images, videos, and other illustrations in your social strategy is crucial for attracting attention and showcasing your brand personality.

At Pelican Design Group, we specialize in creating eye-catching visual content that helps our clients boost their brand and connect with their followers and potential future clients. These are some of our top tips for success.

Focus on High-Quality Imagery:

Quality matters on social media. Invest time into creating and participating in top-notch visual content like photos, graphics, and infographics that align with your brand style and can reverberate with readers. Avoid pixelated, dilettantish images that can cheapen your brand.

Tell a Story:

The most important posts and more often tell a story. Use images and videos to give followers a “ glimpse behind the curtain ” into your brand, culture, products, and your business story. Offer value and engage people beyond a deal pitch.

Consistency is Crucial:

Maintain harmonious branding across platforms with illustrations using on-brand colors, sources, and styles. This helps followers instantly identify and recognize your content. Promote cohesion with harmonious post schedules and content formats too.

Optimize for Each Platform:

Develop visual content for each platform. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and such platforms use a variety of different formats and image sizes. Learn ideal image sizes and formats, hashtags, and captions for each channel.

Visual content is a vital part of succeeding in social moments. Let Pelican Design Group craft your posts, videos, and images that tell your unique brand story. communicate with us to boost your visual social presence!

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